Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's Wine Down

We will be performing (possibly with Gary on the drums!) this Saturday at Uncorked, a wonderfully classy wine join up on a hill overlooking downtown Austin. Will it be warm? Yes. Will there be wine? Yes. Nothin' like a little hot jazz and cool wine, in my book.

The image in the flier was taken at a recent performance at Oil Can Harry's in Austin, it was a large benefit for Project Transitions called RED HOT. It was wonderful to be a part of, and I'll have more about that coming up soon.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gettin' Some Fun Outta Life

Well, it was a busy and oh, so jazzy weekend for Ava and the boys. We played at Satellite Bistro in south Austin on Friday night. They have tofu, oh, and a baby grand piano. Anytime, there's a real piano (and in tune! according to Ammon) it's a special treat for us. Satellite Bistro has a very early 1960's mid-century modern sort of feel, so it definitely was a good fit. We made a few fans and one lady came up to me to say I belonged in Manhattan and she couldn't believe she had such an elegant night in Circle C. Flattering. Too bad I'm a California girl. But, we will probably be playing there pretty regularly for the rest of the year. Yay!

Here's the flier I made for the occasion.


The Baby Grand and Matt and Ammon. Looking Intense.


Between sets. This is why I don't dance. And, also why I will never be a great fashion blogger. I just can't take myself that seriously.

On Saturday, our first show was for Club Red's Hurricane Party. We met lovely people, enjoyed Sweet Tea Vodka, and did what we do best...giggle. Oh, and play jazz I suppose. It was a simply beautiful afternoon in Austin. Especially gazing out onto the skyline from the air-conditioned and very hip Star Bar. Of course, I wore red.



Here's a shot I got in from an event for Habitat Young Professionals back in May. We played during the VIP reception and were followed by Austin Big Band, the Vintage 15, and, a band that makes me think of highschool, The Cherry Poppin Daddies. I loved the vintage car behind us.


That dress is vintage, of course, from my friends at Feathers on South Congress.

Lastly, my most recent Ava Advertisement!


Song Inspiration for this post:

Getting Some Fun Outta Life:

When we want to work. we work
When we want to play, we play
In a happy setting, we're getting
Some fun out of life
When we want to sing, we sing
When we want to dance, we dance
You can do your betting, we're getting
Some fun out of life

As sung by Miss Billie Holiday Here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orange Colored Sky

So, I want to start doing "Ava's Attire!" Posts. I know this is not the best. It's my first one, so I'm going to cut myself a little slack.

Orange Dress which I got a ton of compliments on yesterday:


Dress: Ellen Tracy from Buffalo Exchange in Austin. (Where I seem to find myself getting most of clothing)
Purse: Vintage from my friends at Feathers

And, now a little orange inspiration and finds. I have pretty much had a lifelong love affair with bright, bold colors and orange is no exception. However in Austin, it's important to find a really bright shade, so people don't think you are going to a football game. Unless, I suppose you are going to a football game. However, I'm just gonna say it: not the biggest fan of burnt orange. I prefer Orange! orange.


Awesome Vintage Givenchy Scarf on Etsy.

And, a dress at Anthropologie I am presently in love with, however it is a bit out of my current "starving artist" budget. Sigh.

At last, the song "Orange Colored Sky" as sung by the oh, so, lovely and always inspiring Ms. Doris Day.

June 1st. Hello Summer! Some exciting things around just around the corner...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh, hello there

Yes, it's been a while. Yes, I had my MacBook Pro stolen. Yes, I've been a tad behind.

Yay!, Frank Swank. Hey!, I updated my website. And, hey! I went to FED-EX&ME Event and had my picture snapped by Mr. John Pesina. See, I'm not dead.



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jazz Hands!

It's another busy week for Ava and the boys. You have two fabulous opportunities to see us do our thing this week.

1. AQUARELLE Restaurant Francais. It's a delightful little place tucked off to the side of west sixth street. We have performed here once before, it was our first with Mr. Ammon Taylor, and are excited to give an encore performance. The weather will be pretty much perfect, so you have no excuse.


2. FRANK SWANK! is back. Drumroll pleeeeeease.....this one is going to be EXTRA special, because our good friend Gary Devries is joining us on the drums! We haven't played with him for a while, so it's going to be pretty special, indeed. Gary always adds that little extra spice!


Oh and I'm sort of in love with this flier I made. Jazz! Wee!

Also, one more exciting announcement: Ava and the boys have been nominated for the FED-EX + ME program. Visit their website HERE to learn More and Vote. Why? Because it's fun! Yes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion Before Function

This is one of my best friends. This, ladies & gentlemen, is Mr. Carter Maxwell.

I believe that friends are, and should be, an extension of yourself. Sort of like "You are what you eat". Although, I don't recommend eating your friends (unless stranded for months on end on some sort of deserty-J.J. Abrams-like island with no hope of a sustainable food source in sight. Then, well, it's anyone's game).

What I love most about Carter is as follows:

1. Hanging out with Carter is reminiscent of being in highschool drama class. It's all spotlights, jazz hands and monologues.

2. He can thrift. Don't get me wrong, his shoes probably cost more than my rent, but the sweater, the sweater was a dollar.

3. He gives good advice. Carter always keeps me in check. And, I need a lot of checking.

4. I'm not gonna lie, we look good together. We look real good.

5. Last, but definitely not least, we're both coffee addicts.

Shopping for the night at our favorite Thrift Store:


The Night, at the new 'W' Hotel in Austin. It's almost like Austin is a real city. Almost.


The W photos were taken by Carter's wonderful friend Danielle Dalton. You can view more of her photos here.

Our Wedding Events this month all went swimmingly.

We had the pleasure of meeting Nycia from Inspired Events and Designs at Chez Wedd & are going to be a part of her Spring Fling later on this month. Details coming soon.

Hold on to your Ray Bans, folks. It's that time of year that Austin begins bracing itself for the onslaught of mayhem that SXSW inevitably brings. It's exciting, but it's exhausting. At least it'll give me an excuse to wear some of my dresses? (Like I really need one?)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let Me Entertain You

So, February is shaping up to be a busy month. Which is always fun. We're getting ready for the upcoming wedding season.

But, as they say, first comes love...

All love songs. All googly eyes. All night.
This Sunday. A Very Valentines FRANK SWANK.


Then comes marriage...

Ava and the boys will be performing at all three of these wedding events. Not to be missed, especially if you're gettin' hitched.


Austin Wedding Show


Busy bumbles bees!